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Tricky Tray Information – Chair Sarah Clarke


What is the Tricky Tray? Tricky Tray is the primary HAS PTA fundraiser of the year. Because of Tricky Tray, parents are not generally asked to do other PTA fund-raising. The proceeds from Tricky Tray pay for over 80% of all PTA activities for the year. Some of these events include Trick or Trunk, Bingo, Skate Night, mini grants to teachers to buy things for their classrooms, the Year-end Pool Party, guest speakers for assemblies, school dances for our middle school students, a small subsidy for every student’s class trip, and so much more.

How Does It Work? For a $15 fee, you will receive an entry ticket attached to a sheet of white tickets to win any of the white prizes. Each sheet has 25 tickets and you will drop one or more tickets in the bag for the prize you hope to win. You will see each prize before you chose where to place your tickets. There are 9 prize categories altogether each labeled by a different color. Each color designates prizes of different values and variety. You may purchase additional tickets for other prizes at the event or, for an additional $55 in advance, you can get a “Good Buy Ticket Bag” that offers tickets for several colors of prize drawings. Buying the same tickets separately would cost you $70. There is a 50/50 and other fun raffles during the evening. You could win a gift certificate to a local restaurant, or money, or a mani/pedi, or a free membership to the Cranford pool! Seriously, there are approximately 300 prizes and something for everyone.

What do I do? Fill out the Tricky Tray form and forward the form and your check to your child’s teacher or the main office ASAP. We promise you will have fun and it seems first timers always win big. That is not a guarantee, but it sure seems that way to us Tricky Tray veterans! The form was sent home with all students, was e-mailed and is available on the PTA Website.

I do not know anyone and I do not have anyone to sit with! No worries here. On your form, indicate that you are first-time attendee and our Ticket Coordinators will make sure to sit you at a table with parents from your child or children’s grade.

Still unsure? Reach out to one of the Class Parents and they will make sure you are placed with a great group or you can sit with them! It is a great time to meet other parents from the school. Many teachers come too! Also, don’t forget that this event is open to everyone, not just HAS parents so enlist a relative or friend to come with you. Grandparents love these events.

Still Unsure? Consider Volunteering! Another great way to join is to volunteer to help. We need a large number of volunteers for this evening. You can sell tickets or be a runner for the evening. You get to come in early to drop your tickets and when the drawings start, you could be one of the volunteers who presents the prize to the winner. And everyone loves the person who delivers the prize to them. The link to sign up is below. Please click for more information on the volunteer slots.

What about food and beverages? This is mostly a bring-your-own event. PTA provides coffee and tea, but most attendees coordinate trays of finger foods, sandwiches and desserts as well as non-alcoholic beverages for the table. Everyone just seems to share so bring a yummy snack for the table and you will be all set.

We hope this information encourages you to sign-up to attend the Tricky Tray event if you have not done so already. Without your support, many of the programs you and more importantly, your children, have come to love will not be possible. We appreciate your taking the time to read this and we hope to see you there!


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