7th grade

7th Grade Clothing Drive Saturday, June 9th 8 am to 12 pm

7th Grade Parents, please sign up http://signup.com/go/wnbsLAd

Please support our graduating 8th graders by making their class night extra special. Seventh grade parents are asked to donate treats for the big night so that 8th grade parents can focus on their graduate. This fine tradition will continue and you’ll be the beneficiary of this kindness next year!

10/24/2017 PTA Meeting Minutes
  • 7th Grade Social Event (approved by Dr. Fogas and the HAS PTA and added to the calendar)
    • Purpose: To create and develop a PTA sponsored event for seventh grade students which provides the opportunity for approrpriate socialization while fostering collaborative team building, effective communication and fun.
    • Timing: Event to take place on Friday, March 16, 2018 from 7pm-9pm. (approved by Dr. Fogas)
    • Safety: Parent chaperones, who are PTA members, shall monitor all entrances/exits to ensure student safety. All participants must provide a signed permission slip.
    • Budget: $500
    • Event: “This is Not a Dance Party”. Entertainment and music will be provided by Music N’ Motion. The DJ will play popular music (radio station versions) while engaging students in various team and individual contests, trivia and more. Prizes will also be given by Music N’ Motion.
10/3/2017 Subcommittee Meeting Minutes
A big thank you to everyone who made it to the meeting last night. Thanks for coming and for helping us stick to the schedule. If you didn’t make it, here’s what happened.
  • We reviewed the options for the seventh grade event.
  • Option 2 (and therefore, 4) were off the table. Upon further investigation, we found that choice exceeded our budget ….times 3! Yikes
  • So, we voted between “Not a dance party” and “dodgeball”
  • Not a dance party won handily … I forget the exact, but it was not close.
So, we are proceeding with Not a Dance party and we thank Michele Hulse and Lisa Pizzuta for stepping up to chair the event!
Next steps are that the chairs will review the proposal with Dr. Fogas. With his OK, the proposal can be brought to and voted upon at the October PTA meeting!
9/18/2017 PTA Meeting Minutes
  • Grade Reps are William Hulse ([email protected]) and Shannon Tallon ([email protected])
  • Four ideas were proposed for seventh grade social events
    1. “This Is Not a Dance Party” – interactive party with a DJ running the games/activities.  Suggestion to use Music N Motion
    2. Hire a company like PowerHouse Studios or Holly Rock Entertainment to run a game show activity where all attendees can participate.
    3. Have a dodgeball tournament where students are assigned to teams of 10.  Students would decide on a them for their team and dress in costumes.  Prizes can be awarded to the winners:  best performance, most spirit, best costumes, etc.  Would love if the 7th grade teachers would participate in the game and perhaps help judge.
    4. Combine the game show and the dodgeball tournament into one “Super Fun Night”
  • Budget will remain at $500 (approved at the Open PTA Meeting on 9/18/17)

The next meeting of the 7th Grade Middle School Sub-Committee will be on Tuesday, October 3rd at 7pm at Terri Hecht’s house.  Please contact your grade rep for more information.