6th grade

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10/24/2017 PTA Meeting Minutes
  • 6th Grade Social Event (Approved by Dr. Fogas and the HAS PTA, pending addition to the calendar)
    • 6th Grade Social to be held on February 9th or February 2nd from 7pm-9pm at Hillside Avenue School. (Date still needs approval from Dr. Fogas).
    • 6th graders will be able to register for the event on SignUp.com via the HAS PTA website.
    • Pre-registration is required.
    • A possible charitable donation of socks may be organized for the night.
    • Students should be dropped off at 6:45pm to be checked in.
    • There will be a minimum of 4 parents at the check in/check out table.
    • No student will be allowed to leave the school unless signed out by a parent or guardian.
    • A minimum of 16 parent volunteers will be monitoring bathrooms, gym space and hallways.
    • Students will be released to a parent or guardian at 9:00pm.
    • Teachers will be invited, but purely option for them to come.
  • There will be a Mega Musical Chairs activity Volunteers will set up approximately 50 chairs and run the game.
    • Sean Dillion will explain the rules, run the music and organize the kids into several sessions.
  • There will be an Amazing Activity run by Nora Ryan. (This outline is based on approximately 100 students attending. The objective is to get the teammates working together to solve challenges.) .
    • 10 teams of 10. Stations will be numbered and labeled at pre-determined spots in the building.
    •  Students will work together at each station to accomplish a task to receive the next clue.
    •  Some stations will require mild physical ability (a student balances a book on his head and walks from A to B, teammate takes book and walks back from B to A with book on her head.)
    •  Some stations will require collaboration(a giant printed crossword puzzle.) .
    • All stations will be age appropriate.
    •  Four stations in the gym, six stations in the hallways.
    •  Adult volunteers will be handing out clues, watching students at the designated spots and circuiting the halls.
    •  All classroom doors can be locked, as should all lockers, the auditorium and restrooms, with the exception of one for each gender to use throughout the event.
    •  This restroom will have an adult stationed outside for this activity.
    •  Clue boards/stations will be created by parent volunteers.
    •  No items needed from the school
    • Gates to the elementary schools can be locked.
  • DJ will be playing after the organized events.
  • Allergy-cleared popcorn and water will be served.
  • Budget: $500
9/18/2017 PTA Meeting Minutes
  • Grade Reps are Sean Dillon ([email protected]) and Kimberly Reilly ([email protected])
  • Two ideas were proposed for sixth grade social events
    1. Family Picnic/Social for 6th graders and their families.  It is important for parents to meet each other and to connect the dots on who’s kid is whose.
    2. 6th Grade Holiday Celebration
      • December 1st or December 8th from 7-9pm
      • Activities would include:  ugly sweater contest, dance contest, possible cooke decoration contest.  Prizes would be $5 Five Below Gift Cards
      • Food/Snacks: popcorn, water, hot chocolate
      • Hire one High Schooler who has DJ’d a PAL Cheer Party.  Believe cost is $100-$150
      • Volunteer jobs:  decorating the cafeteria or gym, chaperones, contest runners, clean-up
      • Judging the contests:  ultimate goal would be to get some 6th grade teachers and/or even Dr. Fogas to stop by and judge
  • Requested the budget be raised to $500 (was approved at Open PTA Meeting on 9/18/17)

The next meeting of the 6th Grade Middle School Sub-Committee will be on Tuesday, October 3rd at 7pm at Terri Hecht’s house.  Please contact your grade rep for more information.