Class Parties/Allergies

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Dear Class Parents,
Our first school-wide Halloween celebration is in just a few weeks! This will be the first party under the
new food guidelines and we know many Class Parents have questions.
The information previously received from the school administration stated the allergies in each class,
and that all provided food must be commercially prepared. We have spoken further with Dr. Fogas, and
he has clarified, that this means the food must be commercially processed, pre-packaged, and unopened
when it arrives at school. This will allow the administration and concerned students/parents to verify
ingredients, and protect those with allergies from cross contamination.
The administration and the PTA ask that all Class Parents try to provide food that all children in their
classrooms may enjoy. Be aware that ingredients can vary from brand to brand, as well as between
products. Therefore it is very important to check each item you plan to purchase.
Please do your best to find food you think will be appropriate, and then coordinate with the parents of
the students in your class. While ingredient information has to be sent 2 days before the party (in this
case by the 29th) it can always be sent out sooner, so parents have plenty of time to provide feedback
on the safety of the food.
If anyone has additional questions about the guidelines, or food items, please bring questions to the
Class Parent Committee Directors to coordinate with the administration; or to reach out directly to the
school administration, or the school nurse, Mrs. Paternostro.
Thank you to everyone for supporting this new effort to keep our children safe!
The Class Parent Committee Chair/Directors, and the HAS Allergy Committee