Road Runners (Every Monday & Thursday)


We are excited for the return of New York Road Runner’s (NYRR) activity based recess program, Rising New York Road Runners (formerly know as Mighty Milers—feel free to check out NYRR’s website for more specifics about this fantastic program ).  This new program will be very similar to the Mighty Milers program.  On a specific day of the week (Thursdays 11:45-12:50 for 2nd-5th gradersMondays 12:15-12:50 for 1st graders), children will have the option meet in the gym during recess to run laps around the indoor gym.  At the end of the period, the # of laps are documented and submitted to NYRR where they are tallied up and incentive prizes are sent to the school for the children.  Parents are needed to hand out popsicle sticks while the kids are running, which helps the children remember how many laps they ran and to also cheer the kids on as they complete their laps.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact email Mariah ([email protected]).  This program could not run without parent support, thanks so much for helping out!

Sign ups can be found here:Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on or on @SignUpdotcom today!